The following is a list of institutions which have significant HBC holdings in their collections. This list is by no means exhaustive but does include those institutions which have material relating to HBC and its acquired retail businesses.

British Columbia Archives
Located in Victoria, the provincial archives has some records relating to HBC operations in British Columbia as well as material relating to Woodward's.

City of Vancouver Archives
The City of Vancouver Archives has in its collection of private papers material relating to Woodward's Department Stores Limited and the Woodward family.

Glenbow Archives
The Glenbow Archives is part of the Glenbow Museum, western Canada's largest museum. Their photograph collection is a good source of early images of HBC's western operations. They also have several collections of records pertaining to HBC activities such as the Hudson's Bay Company Posts Fonds and a nice collection of oral histories.

McGill University Archives
The McGill University Archives in Montreal has the balance of the records of Henry Morgan and Co., 1846-1960 as part of their collection of private papers.

The McCord Museum
The McCord Museum in Montreal has a number of artefacts and images pertaining to Henry Morgan and Co.

Them Days
THEM DAYS is an organization dedicated to research and preserve Labrador's memory. The group is active interviewing elders, collecting archival material, and publishing some of the information gathered, a lot of which refers to Hudson's Bay Company, in a publication titled "Them Days".

The National Archives, UK
The National Archives in Surrey, England has a large collection of records relating to the early history of Hudson's Bay Company including the actual Deed of Surrender.

National Library and Archives
The National Library and Archives holds much material of interest to scholars of HBC history. Their extensive holdings include several records collections which contain documents relating to HBC history and their photograph and documentary art collections contain many works which reference HBC. The library also has copies of The Beaver magazine.

NWT Archives
The NWT Archives, located in Yellowknife, has some records relating to HBC's operations in the north.

Sears Canada
The Archives of Sears Canada Inc. contains a complete collection of Simpson's Mail Order catalogues as well as other material relating to the mail order business and Simpsons-Sears Limited. Contact Dwight Skeates, Archivist for more information.